Who are you?

That’s a very interesting question especially in the way it’s formulated. It could very well be making you ask yourself: “who am I?” And you could be thinking about your name, profession, ethnic background and so forth.

But the objective is to make you participate by thinking and engaging in the discussion. Educators refer to these as divergent questions or open ended questions which have been around for a long time. But anyway enough of that the real question here is: who is pastmodern?

Well, you may at times have seen or thought of something that makes you wonder like the little kids do. For example, maybe you sat at a restaurant and ate one of your favorite plates and all of a sudden a question pops in your head. Who invented this? What’s its story? So let’s kill your curiosity with some fun facts! Personally I love learning about the past, how things were done and the new things that were invented.